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GKo Gallery

Kale Nagusia, 4. CP 20400 Tolosa, Gipuzkoa (E.H.) EUROPE

Ph: +34 943 671 215

Tu-Su: 10-13 and 17-20

43.14N 2.07W

Welcome to GKo Gallery

A gallery in the street or a street in the gallery? Opening the space to a 100 square meters of creation in a 100 square meters of street.

About us

Gko gallery is a project started in 2008. It officially opened its doors in August the same year. Its main intention is to open a space for urban art creation in the Basque country.

After 6 months of refurbishement this old shoe-shop was transformed into our space (visit our YouTube space). A hundred square meters sharing an art space and a street boutique.

Monthly expositions display a variety of expressions inspired by the urban-street environment. Although our interest is to collaborate with artists, galleries and projects abroad we put special priority to local artists. We believe that this kind of initiatives will enhance artistic creation in the region.

Our boutique will be a place to support selling of goods produced by artists. It will also offer street art hardware and a limited collection of trendy urban clothing and footwear.

GKo team