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KILTRV (Chile)

KiltrV as part of their European Tour

8 May- 4 June

KiltrV web site

The group KiltrV is comprised of five of the best Chilean artists from the Street Art scene in South America. KiltrV comes from the Chilean word Kiltro, which in mapudugu means “stray dog” (mapuche a pre-Colombian language, that has survived from an ethnic group in Southern Chile that was never conquered by the Spanish).

Today Chilean artists have something to say! KiltrV strives for an aesthetic that presents this generation between the ages of 20 and 30 years old, as an integral part of Santiago’s metropolis of six million inhabitants, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural (thanks to a mixture of multiple cultural migrations and different Indian ethnic groups), progressive, innovative, and funny – humor is one of the sole weapons the populist has against a difficult social-economic situation. They have transcended their heritage of muralists and politics by accepting their sometime violent nature but always remaining generous and wide open to change – equal to the size of their country’s landscape or a like a spicy dish, hot but so rich in flavor….

All five artists are from Santiago, Chile:
Piguan – 25 yrs. old – painting and graffiti – his pictorial style is known and recognized throughout South America.
Santana – 29 yrs. old – painter/architect, and grandson of Arturo Santana Cuadra (a classist painter extremely well known in Chile). Santana represents this classism and academic heritage.
Rayne3xl – 25 yrs. old – graffiti – greatly inspired by South American Expressionism, mixes Realism and the Surrealism together.
Naska – 22 yrs. old – graffiti – a specialist of the ʺflopʺ style and a magician with the colors.
Nebs ʺthe professorʺ Pereira - 29 yrs. old – 15 years of painting and graffiti, the most conceptual of the group, he canalizes the energy of the group.

"KiltrV" 8/05-04/06

Starting May 8th: Work of the 5 members of the Chilean collective KiltrV will be displayed at the gallery. A taste of the South American street art comes to the basque country. Special blog