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Kale Nagusia, 4. CP 20400 Tolosa, Gipuzkoa (E.H.) EUROPE

Ph: +34 943 671 215

Tu-Su: 10-13 and 17-20

43.14°N 2.07°W

Ibai Palos Munita


imanol URBI ET ORBE. 3/08-29/08
Creation of new and modern clothing by Lorena Patón Romero and Izaro Altuna Aldalur with the collaboration of Ingrid Fochs, Vladimir Borowicz and Azgas.
carne CARNE. 3/07-30/07
Arrival as part of the European tour of two the most well known art collectives in the street art scene of Buenos Aires: Fase and Doma.
imanolGrandes Exitos Rurales Vol. 3. 5/06-3/07
Beasain artist Imanol Aizpuru brings colors to the gallery and shows us his latest large format work!
kiltrv KILTRV-CHILE 8/05-4/06
Work of the 5 members of the Chilean collective KiltrV. A taste of the South American street art comes to the basque country.
C/MEXICO 19 C/MEXICO 19 14/03-14/04
Tolosan photographer Eli Garmendia presents an experimental project on resistance and the defense of creation and urban dynamics
XTRM EZ GOAZ LANERA... 06/02-04/03.
Upraising Beasain artist XTRM presents his new work "we are not going to work..." (ez goaz lanera...).

Denbora DENBORA 29/11-31/12.
`Time´: First collaborative work of Dues Terres.
Pura Vida PURA VIDA 19/10-22/11.
Savagegirl from Bilbao presents her most recent work `Pure Life´
Las caras de mis calles LAS CARAS DE MIS CALLES 13/09-11/10.
Vitoria artist FRIK UNO exposes a serie of paintings with 'the faces of his streets'.
Begiztatu! BEGIZTATU! 2/08-6/09.
Gari exposes his paintings in the street and photographer Nestor Iriondo brings them back to the gallery